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23 June 2009 @ 07:56 pm
I hope this is allowed - I checked the community rules and I didn't see anything. If it's not, feel free to deleted!


The Murder of Sophie Lancaster was a murder case in the United Kingdom in 2007. The victim was brutally attacked along with her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, while walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Rossendale in Lancashire. As a result of her severe head injuries she went into a coma, never regained consciousness, and later died. The police said the attack may have been provoked by the couple wearing gothic fashion and being members of the goth subculture.
For more infromation, please go here.

An overview of this community, is basically that we are a community that is part of the never ending fight to end hatred, prejudice and intolerence. In this community you can post your own stories, or even any organisations you feel may be of help.
Even if you just want to vent about the injustice you feel is being dictated by mordern society against those of us who are different, please join.
12 April 2009 @ 09:08 am
Here's wisdom:

Whatever your thing is, life will intervene to fuck it up. God will take away your favourite toy and force you to find another, which he will also confiscate until there is no more fun.

If your thing is sex, all the bars will turn to shit or shut down and you will find that you have a genetic condition that causes your skin to fall off, rendering you horribly unattractive.

If your thing is machines, the technology will change until it is no longer fun.

If your thing is writing, you will lose the ability to write for months, even years, at a time.

There is no way out. You have to just keep finding new things to be into, and very into, because the alternative is screaming howling madness and death.

Here endeth the lesson.
22 March 2009 @ 12:40 am
So I have this ache inside me, tht is what it feels like, a physical ache; of need and longing. I have lived with it all my life.

I know why it is there, and it doesn't help me one little bit. My mother abandoned me when I was a baby, she wasn't a catholic or a muslim, she wasn't forced to give me up for some culturally defined idea of honour, she was a modern, liberated woman and she abused the rights that people have fought and died for, are still fighting and dying for in point of fact, just for the sake of personal convenience. For some Boomer selfishness, some cod-feminism gleaned from newspapers and magazines and absorbed through a haze of dope smoke.

She is probably dead now, and I am glad. I hate her. I hate my mother because she left me when I was a baby and didn't think twice, didn't give a shit, and as a result of her actions I was brought up by a raving maniac. As much as I also hate my father, at least he was there. I'll give him that.

It is a generational thing. Their generation never had to struggle. They were given the world on a plate, yet they hated and resented their own parents - and why? Because they fought and died for them? Not just in world war 2, but a whole universe of shit, strikes and riots and grinding poverty which we can barely imagine, and which will soon be visited on us for their selfishness and cowardice.

I hate my parents. Both of them. It is the only thing that cuts the empty void they have left behind.
28 February 2009 @ 07:53 pm
Before I start I'm blind and sorry if spelling mistakes. I am an adult living in Oamaru New zealand. I've not posted for ages. But this time I have something I think is troubling me. Please read on.

A friend, Pauline, said she would go to a concert with me on Thursday evening. Its saturday evening now. On Wednesday evening I pulled lumps of skin off me. For example one finger had skin sticking up and I pulled it off a bit. Ouch!! I did this another day recently but not sure why I did it. This time on Thursday I was thinking about it and knew exactly why I had done this. Pauline has let me down several times before. It was disappointing, frustrating etc. Once she never turned up when she said she would and it was the same day. Later when we spoke on the phone she had an explanation.

so later that day I got a call and couldn't speak much then as I was busy. I told her a time which would be suitable to discuss it. so the thing was she rang back and I asked her if she had the money, saying that I had the money for my ticket. Tuesday afternoon when she left a message on my answerphone which is working at the moment it sounded ok and she would be fine. alas she had no money for the ticket. I couldn't afford to pay for her especially when she had let me down in the past. Only once did she actually follow through with what she said she would do recently. She used to be much better and didn't let me down or at least told me things better etc. anyway she couldn't go and neither could I. She said I could go and I'd have to get my own way back in a taxi but I wanted her company etc. She had also said she was going to have me for a meal. That never eventuated either. she said `see you round` and hung up.

I reckon she knew she wouldn't have the money on Tuesday when she was talking with Mum. I know she knew had the rates to pay and whatever else. No matter when her pention day was surely she knew. She maybe thought I'd pay. Got any ideas? Not a nice friend. she used to be good, do a few things together from time to time and lately nothing, not even a telephone call to see how I was. Of cours I can't always get hold of her. I know she has a life to live. What's your thoughts on the matter? What can I do? any help welcome. Thanks in advance for any thoughts, ideas. I guess I just want someone to listen and understand where I'm coming from. I've talked with a friend today which was good. I don't have many friends who I can talk this through with. Phew it feels good writing it down. I thought of this community while I was talking and having a coffee with my friend. She decided to come and visit me. Ok once again thanks. Huge hugs. smiles.
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06 December 2008 @ 11:38 am
A while ago some people here (myself amongst them) said it would be good to do re-introduction posts. This place has gotten so quiet. Maybe if we all introduced ourselves again it would encourage people to participate more.
So I'll start.

I'm almost 17, biologically female, psychologically genderless, a Druid, self-diagnosed autistic, very very left-wing, lover of all things strange, etc. On the psychological weirdness front, I've got anxiety, depression, and episodes of paranoia; some kind of eating disorder whereby I become too nauseous to eat when I'm anxious; Executive Dysfunction, which makes it hard to get my homework done or remember to eat when I actually can; and the scars of years of emotional abuse at the hands of my parents. Oh, and I'm a synaesthete, which is technically "weird" but I tend to forget to include it because it doesn't bother me.

Last time I introduced myself, one of the things people commented on the most was my mention of my odd dressing habits. Well, this time I have some pictures to share. I've been posting in the lj FRUiTS community; here are my posts so far: 1 | 2 | 3| 4

My clothing is really important to me; it's one of the few things about my personal philosophy that I've managed to articulate into a visible demonstration the rest of the world can see. I believe in Gandhi's "Be the change you want to see in the world" message (though I prefer "LIVE the change you want to see", because it emphasizes the lead-by-example ethos even more), and I'm currently in the slow process of altering my lifestyle to agree more with my philosophy. I believe that we should all dress however the hell we want to, straight up to not wearing anything at all if that's what suits us. It amazes me how people can get so uptight about something as tiny as what someone else is wearing. How trivial is that?!?! We've got more important things we should be focussing on. So I dress how I want to, to make a point. We all should be able to do the same without attracting such negative attention.
I also design clothes, and I'm starting to be able to make them, which is great because it allows me to personalize my look even more, and make it the epitome of "me".

Let's see, what else is there?
My musical tastes can be classified only as "a weird and disjointed collection of whatever shit I happen to stumble across and like". There's old music from the 60's through the 80's, funk, rock, ska, gothic, classical, avant-garde, folk, world music from over 20 different countries and most continents, electronic + dance music, movie soundtracks.... the only things not in there are country music, vapid pop music, Jazz, and rap. I haven't got anything against any of those (well, OK, vapid pop music is just *bad*, and I don't like the overtly sexual/violent lyrics in modern rap), and I appreciate that there are brilliant artists in most of those genres, but I just don't really like to listen to them.

Literature: I devour it. I prefer fantasy, but I read all genres, and while I have only read a few "great classics", mostly I like them. I also like graphic novels, poetry, and short stories.

Art: I write (and have been published thrice), sing, dance, draw, paint, design clothing, do collage, sculpt, make things from dried flowers, take photos, make films (I'm working on a documentary about alternative education right now), and make jewelry. Mostly I do these things for my own pleasure (particularly dancing and singing, as I have stage fright), but I do share a lot of it in my DeviantArt gallery.

Miscellaneous other shit: I'm bisexual, active in the Autism Rights movement, a pacifist, a member of the Heartband Revolution, I edit wikis, I want to be either a freelance artist/designer or a neuroscientist or a sign language interpreter but I can't make up my mind, I'm secretly handfasted to my boyfriend/husband without my parents knowledge, I'm pagan but don't really believe in deities- more just an underlying "force" of some kind that is what all matter is made up of (no Star Wars jokes please, it's not the same thing at all), the nazis would have had at least four reasons to kill me, I like cats, and I'm a vegetarian.

Did I miss anything?
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21 November 2008 @ 08:03 pm
A collection of quotations about bullying, especially in the workplace:


"The serial bully, who in my estimation accounts for about one person in thirty in society, is the single most important threat to the effectiveness of organisations, the profitability of industry, the performance of the economy, and the prosperity of society."
14 November 2008 @ 04:01 pm
I'm seriously considering dropping out of college.

I'm doing poorly academically, I don't really get along well with or relate to most of the other students (although part of this may be due to the fact that I'm usually too shy to initiate a conversation with a stranger), and, in general, I'm just not enjoying the experience enough that I think it'll make the debt worthwhile.

I'm nineteen. This is my second year in college, and the second college I've attended. I like to read, I have several "nerdy" interests, and I believe that I'm intelligent (IQ tests tend to back up that assertion), but traditional education has never clicked with me. I've always felt more comfortable with hands-on learning and with teaching myself how to do things than with grades, tests, lectures, classrooms, memory drills, essays on assigned topics that I may or may not actually be interested in writing about, slideshows, sitting in a chair for hours on end. I've never liked people my own age much, either (with a couple of exceptions), preferring the company of adults in their mid-twenties and older.

I want to be an illustrator, or an artist, or a writer, or all of the above. While none of those things are easy to earn a living doing, none of them really require a degree, either. And I want to travel. There's a lot of the country, and the world, I haven't seen.

So, to the point: Would dropping out of college be a smart, pragmatic thing for me to do? If I do drop out of college, do you know of any jobs I could get that would not involve fast food or big box retail centers, that might even be enjoyable or interesting? Have you ever been in a similar situation? What did you do, and how did it work out?
22 October 2008 @ 10:32 pm
...Jesus, my sister's fit!

runs away laughing maniacally
10 October 2008 @ 01:05 am
I really don't see any hope at all... I have this terrible premonition of doom, slavery, prison, destitution, hell. We are all alone, every one of us.

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I just saw American History X. Very powerful movie, and while the obvious themes (race, etc) in the movie don't have much significance to me, the subtler ideas behind them, the more psychological aspects of the film have a lot to say. The idea of blaming someone else for your problems.

I used to do that a lot. I wasn't racist, sexist, any -ist. I just wished that people were nicer or more interesting. I eventually realized that where I was in life was nobody's doing but my own, and that who I was, while I am largely a sum of the influences that people have had on me, was ultimately under my control. Who I associated with, who I hung out with. So I decided to start hanging out with people who I wanted to be like. A large part of it was sex, for me. I was a high schooler, kind of a late bloomer, incredibly awkward and well, damn it. I realized that I was never going to get any by playing video games and doing calculus.

It gets more interesting, any dipshit can go through thatCollapse )